Student Dormitories

UEM offers places in two student dorms for Erasmus+ students:

• Dąbrowskiego 16/20 str. (men)
• Wiśniowa 57/9 str. (women)
Please note that these are the deadlines for you to submit your application. We will need some time to prepare the acceptance for you.

The details about the dorm (pictures, prices) are available here:

Please mind that Erasmus+ students can get accommodation only from the above listed two dormitories.

Your preferences as for the dormitory are necessary for us to be able to book places for you. However, due to the high interest by our foreign students and limited places, if there are no places in the dormitories mentioned by you, we can offer you others. However if you do not agree to book other dormitories suggested by us, you have to look for accommodation on your own.

If we don't receive any information from you, we will consider the lack of information as resignation from the dormitory.