• Degree: Bachelor of Science in Architecture;
  • Form of studies: Full-time or Part-time;
  • Study duration: 4 years;
  • Language: Polish or English.


  • Degree: Master of Science in Architecture;
  • Form of studies: Full-time or Part-time;
  • Study duration: 1,5 years;
  • Language: Polish or English.



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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The students of the Faculty of Architecture receive practical and theoretical training regarding spatial planning arrangements, specially taking into account ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND URBAN PLANNING. They acquire theoretical and PRACTICAL skills while creating architectural projects, solving structural and engineering problems, connected with architectural design, UNDERSTANDING the relations between people and buildings and between buildings and environment.

wseiz Architecture

Within this field of study we offer the following specialisations:


This is the faculty, on which you will be able to expand your knowledge on architectural design, especially taking into consideration, environmental relations. You will improve your skills of creating expressive architectural objects. You will broaden your knowledge about various architectural and constructional forms, installation and communication issues and revalorisation. You become more familiar with land relief issues and green areas, which surround architectural objects and also you; you will be familiarised with adaptation, modernisation, reconstruction of the buildings and urban complexes.


This is the specialisation, which enables you to obtain engineer’s competences, broaden your skills in creating architectural and spatial order and spatial arrangements. You will be prepared for creative work, including designing full range of urban spaces – urban complexes as well as the development of urban areas, cities and municipalities. You will learn how to compose and revise planning documentation which includes coordination and obtaining (official) design documentation approvals and applying special procedures and regulations connected with preparation design and planning documentation.

Master of Science in Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture at UE&M is the only at non-state University in Warsaw and one of the few in Poland, which conducts second-cycle studies (Master Studies) in the field of study of Architecture. Architecture creates a space for human needs. The studies at the faculty of Architecture provide necessary KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS in the field of architectural design, taking into consideration contemporary technical requirements, functional and health needs of the users and environmental sustainability. Its graduates will acquire DESIGN SKILLS including various architectural, cultural, intellectual, historical, social and environmental determinants. They also will be prepared for the preservation and revalorisation of the architectural monuments and buildings. The idea of this educational process is to arouse students’ sensibility for spatial order and creating environmental sustainability.

In course of the education the student will be able to choose subjects of scenography design, planning of trade shows and art exhibitions, stage and television events and EXPO in scenography of social space. After passing an exam, the student will obtain a certificate confirming that the student is prepared to work as a designer in companies of scenography design.



The diploma of Master of Science in Architecture is necessary for obtaining complete architectural qualifications enabling master studies graduates to carry out their architectural profession independently not only in Poland but in EU countries as well. Graduates are able to establish their own business in architectural design, they may be employed in architectural design offices and in the architectural and urban planning departments of the local administration, conservation workshops, engineering companies, advertising agencies and they are able to organise exhibitions, fair trades and make scenography.

Educational programmes

Please review our educational programmes for 2018/2019 and 2019/20 academic year.

Educational Programm for 2018/19

Educational Programm for 2019/20

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