Interior design

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Bachelor of Arts;
  • Form of studies: Full-time or Part-time;
  • Study duration: 3,5 years;
  • Language: Polish or English.


  • Degree: Master of Arts ;
  • Form of studies: Full-time or Part-time;
  • Study duration: 1,5 years;
  • Language: Polish or English.




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Bachelor of Science in Engeneering or Bachelor of Arts

The students of the faculty of Interior Design are prepared to work individually or in a group in the FIELD OF INTERIOR DESIGN AND FURNISHING and giving them PLASTIC EXPRESSION. These studies include a wide range of knowledge connected with: civil engineering and architecture taking into consideration the relations between these disciplines and arts.



The Graduates of this field of study usually find a job in design offices, real estate companies and public administration. Besides, they are employed in the conservation workshops, design studios, they are involved in advertisements design, film and theatre scenography. They set up their own interior design studios. They organise exhibitions and fair trades.

Within this field of study we offer the following specialisations:


This is the field of study on which you can broaden your knowledge on comprehensive design, which main idea is to submit all branches to one goal–quality of the composition. You will consolidate your knowledge on means and equipment which constitute the quality of the interiors. Taking into consideration good practices, you will become more familiarised with the ideas which create a piece of art, about techniques and materials are to be used in order to associate utilitarian needs and visual contents of the object in one perfect composition.


This is the field of study on which you will acquire the ability to solve functional, ergonomic and formal problems connected with residential interior designs at the same time learning how to equip interiors and living areas with the furniture and appliances meeting utilitarian, aesthetic, technological and ecological requirements.

Master of Arts

Students of the second cycle studies at the field of study Interior Architecture will acquire knowledge and skills allowing them to build the close surrounding of people according to their needs, civil requirements, technical opportunities as well as principles of spatial order and sustainable development. Due to the choice of studies of practical profile, where pressure is put on development of advanced and specialized projects from the field of interior architecture, scenography and exhibitions, students will be able to realise professional tasks effectively which is a skill searched and appreciated by the future employers.


Graduates of the second cycle studies at the field of study Interior Architecture are prepared to take up an employment in: architectural and development companies design studios; production companies; companies which organize exhibitions; companies which organize special and art events; events and advertising agencies; production houses and companies cooperating with TV; their own design companies; and to conduct individual creative activity in the field of scenography and exhibition.


Specialisation SCENOGRAPHIC DESIGN meets the needs of the fastest developing sector of design services. The students will be skilled in developing exhibition projects and special and art events both in relation to closed spaces (exposition and trade rooms etc.) and open spaces (recreational places, communication and ceremonial places, and open sports objects). The graduates are prepared for conducting individual design and scenographic realisation of artistic and scientific style for the needs of TV and advertising as well as the performances for the needs of theatres and cultural institutions.


Specialisation INTERIOR AND OPEN SPACE DESIGN develops and improves techniques of designer with the special focus on harmonious connections of architectural and landscape aspects. The course prepares for developing projects of interior, including the application of forms and plants. Student knows the peculiarities of the needs and expectations of the clients related to the traditions and cultural varieties and gives opportunity to obtain practical skills considering these factors at the stage of creating concepts and project realisation. The graduates are also prepared for critical analysis and sustainable consideration of the new social phenomena, including cultural and civilizational trends.

Educational programmes

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